Your Child's
First Exam

Your Child's First Exam

Children have a lot of firsts. One of the most important to maintaining overall health throughout their life is a child’s first dental exam. This may be something parents dread because they aren’t sure how their child will react or know the child won’t take it well. That’s when a good pediatric dentist and staff step in.

What Age Is Right?

The first dental visit is to get a child used to seeing the dentist and to give the dentist a chance to see how the child's teeth are developing. It's recommended the first dental visit happen within 6 months of the child's first baby tooth coming in or when they are 1 year old, whichever comes first.

The first visit is a pretty simple one and could last between 30 and 45 minutes. Many times, this may just be a quick exam to be sure teeth are erupting well. However, older children could also get a full exam that includes looking at their jaws and biting, as well as checking on development.

Pediatric dentists also like hygienists to do a gentle tooth cleaning with some teeth polishing and removing plaque and tartar. They take it easy with children so they aren't stressed but want to get them used to cleanings for them to continue them as they get older.


Gum grafting comes with only a little discomfort. The oral surgeon puts a liquid material over the mouth roof where the tissue was taken and that is similar to a soothing covering. An over-the-counter pain medication used for a few days is typically all a patient needs.


One priority pediatric dentists have is educating kids about the importance of oral health care. They take more time to talk to them about what they are doing and why procedures are needed. Kids are naturally curious so it's a good time to encourage proper oral hygiene.

What to Expect From Your Child

Every child is different but some behaviors are the same in certain age groups. Young children under two years old may be clingy so parents will need to stay with them. Those two to three years old may be able to be separated from their parents briefly but will say “no” often. Three-year-olds may be fine with getting an exam but may resist a procedure. The four-year-olds are usually capable of sitting in a room away from their parents to get an exam and treatment.
Don’t push your child beyond their comfort level. Stay with them if they need you so they feel safe at the dentist’s office. Eventually, they will get to know the staff and build their trust.
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