Teeth Whitening in Cambridge

Consider Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common practice today but there is a big difference between trying to do it at home and having a professional dentist do it. We offer teeth whitening that takes about an hour and can safely get your teeth to be several shades lighter and remove some stains.
The main differences between going to a dentist for teeth whitening and doing it at home are the results and how long they last.

Whitening at the Office

Both products used in a dental office and at home contain the whitening agent, which is a form of hydrogen peroxide. The difference is the strength. Products used by a dentist have a stronger element to them because the dentist is a professional who can safely use them. Home products are required to have a much lower amount of the whitening agent in them.

The products and equipment used to mean those who get their smile brightened by a dentist will see a visible difference when they leave the office. Those who do it at home will need to try it a few times to see a difference. The other advantage of getting your smile brightened by a professional is it will last longer. Teeth whitening in a dental office will last between one and three years. Whitening done at home will only last about six months.

A Danger with Home Kit

Another advantage of having a dentist do the teeth whitening is that they are experienced and won’t damage your teeth. Those who try it at home sometimes overdo it trying to get a bright white smile. Overuse of teeth whitener, even the home kits, can damage enamel and even make teeth look translucent.

The Procedure

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The in-office procedure usually takes about an hour to complete. The dentist will discuss shades and will put the gel on your teeth.

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That will be followed by sitting under an ultraviolet light to activate the whitener. The entire procedure is painless.

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