Emergency Dentist Cambridge

Emergency Affordable Dental Services Day or Night

Accidents happen and millions of people have mouth and tooth injuries every year. Many of those are sports injuries but a mouth injury can happen in a car or bike accident, at work, doing a home repair project, or in a fall.
Emergencies aren’t always accidents. You may have a sudden infection causing severe tooth pain. These are things that can’t wait until Monday or even the morning.
These things never happen at a convenient time. That’s why we have emergency dental services available whenever you need them.
Emergency Dentist Cambridge

Calling for an Emergency Appointment

It’s easy to get an emergency appointment with us. Call the emergency number listed and we’ll ask you a few questions to determine if you need to come in now or can make an appointment in the morning. We will tell you when to meet us for an emergency exam.
Emergency Dentist in Cambridge

The Emergency Exam

An emergency exam starts with digital X-rays to see what and where the damage is in the mouth. From there, a dentist may perform a visual exam and do emergency work to save teeth and stop bleeding, depending on the situation.
In cases of infection, the dentist will prescribe an antibiotic and tell you to make a follow-up appointment. Infections are typically the result of cavities or tooth decay that needs special procedures. Cleaning an infection is the first step to repair and will ease the pain.

How to Know You Need Emergency Dental Work

Some people want to tough it out when they have pain but you don’t have to do that with your mouth. There are times when you need emergency dental care. Those times include:
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A trauma where you've broken facial bones or lost teeth

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Bleeding that won't stop

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Pain that gets worse even with medication

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Broken stitches or an infection after an extraction

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Rapid swelling in the jaw

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Toothache associated with fever, difficulty swallowing, or trouble breathing

Insurance Covers Emergencies

Every plan is different but most insurance plans cover dental emergencies without a co-payment. You can discuss the cost and how to pay for a dental emergency once you arrive.
Emergency Dental Services in Cambridge
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