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Teeth Cleaning & Dental Check Up

Most dental patients are familiar with dental teeth cleaning but there may be some things about the procedure that go unnoticed. A teeth cleaning is one preventive measure that works to stop cavities and tooth decay from forming.
Dental cleanings are often done by hygienists rather than dentists, although it depends on the office and the number of staff available. Dentists are trained to do teeth cleanings. Typically, a hygienist will clean your teeth before a dentist gives you a dental exam. That’s because it’s easier to see decay, cavities, and gum issues better after teeth are cleaned.
Teeth Cleaning & Dental Check Up Cambridge

Using a Scaler

The hygienist uses a tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from between teeth and around the gum line. Brushing and flossing regularly prevents tartar from building up so making that a part of your routine will make this part easier.

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The Brushes

The hygienist will use a commercial electric brush against your teeth. This makes a grinding sound and feels like they are sanding because you will feel the grit. They aren't sanding. The grit you feel is a type of toothpaste the hygienist uses that scrubs your teeth. After this, the hygienist will give your teeth a flossing and a dental rinse. Some offices include adding a fluoride treatment to cleanings, although that could be an additional charge.

Deep Cleanings

Your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning based on what the hygienist tells them about the condition of your teeth and the digital X-rays they take.
A deep tooth cleaning is more involved than a standard cleaning because it includes going below the gum line down to the tooth roots to get rid of plaque and tarter. While a standard cleaning comes with no pain, a deep cleaning can cause pain. A hygienist will use both a topical and an injection of local anesthesia to numb the area. There could be some soreness afterward.
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Many times, a deep cleaning will be done only on one side of the mouth in one appointment. You will need a second appointment to do the procedure on the other side of the mouth.
We strive to make teeth cleaning a pleasurable experience. Your teeth will be left feeling smooth, polished, and fresh. Call us for a teeth cleaning and routine exam today!
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