Orthodontist in Cambridge

What Orthodontics Can Do

Orthodontics has almost become a rite of passage for most teens. Statistics show that almost 70 percent of adolescents across the world have orthodontic treatment. Yet, it isn’t just teens getting straighter teeth. Adults are doing it too with a third of adults seeking out orthodontic treatment.

Why Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a positive treatment option for several reasons. It helps with overall health as straighter teeth and an improved bite helps chewing function. That, in turn, helps with nutrition. It also makes it easier to keep teeth clean because getting between them with flossing and brushing is easier. That results in better overall oral health.
The confidence level improves with straighter teeth, especially for teens. They will be happier with pictures and feel better about their looks. That helps with dating, college interviews, and social.
Adults have more pragmatic reasons for getting orthodontic care. They may feel a better smile may boost their career or want to look their best when re-entering the dating scene.

Braces or Aligners

Getting orthodontic care means going with either braces or clear aligners to straighten teeth. However, those two categories are extremely broad as there are several options for what kind of braces or the type of aligners to go with.
The final decision of braces versus aligners may rest with the orthodontist after they interview you about your lifestyle, habits, and commitment to treatment. You will still have the option of choosing the exact variation of treatment you prefer.

The Time It Takes

The time an orthodontic treatment takes to be effective depends on the extent of the problem. Some people can be through treatment in three to six months while others have to go through it for three years. Your orthodontist can evaluate your case and tell you approximately how long treatment will take.


The cost of orthodontics is always a concern, especially for parents raising several children who may need it. We can look at all the financial options available and discuss the cost with you. Our office tries to keep treatments budget-friendly for our patients and is willing to work with you on a payment plan you can afford.

The place to start is with an orthodontic evaluation and consultation. Book an appointment today and start the process of getting a beautiful smile for yourself or your child.

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