Sports Mouthguards

Athletes Need Sports Mouthguards

Sports, especially contact sports, can be hard on the mouth. That’s why dentists and even some sports associations recommend using sports guards for certain types of sports like football and wrestling.
Around 15 million U.S. residents have a dental injury stemming from sports every year, according to figures from the American Dental Assistants Association. Numbers show that 10 percent of athletes will get a dental or facial injury at some point playing sports.
Many people may think of football or hockey as being the roughest sports but the highest number of dental injuries occurs in basketball.
Athletic Mouth Guards in Cambridge

Understanding Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards fit over the teeth. Their purpose is to reduce the blow to your mouth during sports contact. It differs from nightguards in several ways. The purpose of a sports mouthguard is different. It is to protect your mouth from external forces while a nightguard is to prevent your upper and lower teeth from making contact. A sports mouthguard also protects your jaw and head from blows. It can prevent concussions and consciousness.

Upper Coverage Only

Most sports mouthguards are designed to protect only the top row of teeth but there are exceptions. Boxing, for instance, is an exception where sports mouth guards are used to cover both rows of teeth. This is done because the athlete will likely get a jab to the jaw.
Sports mouthguards will need to be replaced around every six months or after every sports season. They tend to lose thickness and that can affect their effectiveness.

Customized Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards should be customized to fit the athlete’s mouth. This is done at the dentist’s office. Sports mouthguards that fit well are incredibly comfortable. It should allow you to breathe and talk as you normally do while wearing them. A good sports mouthguard is also highly durable.

Use Them With Braces

Some may mistakingly think that having braces protects your teeth the same as a sports mouthguard. That simply isn’t true. Athletes with braces have more of a reason to use a sports mouthguard because of the investment they have in orthodontics. A mouthguard protects the braces’ components from damaging your mouth’s soft tissue during a sports hit.
A customized mouthguard can be crafted to cover braces. It won’t be uncomfortable and won’t mess up the orthodontics you’ve already been getting. You will want a customized mouthguard to cover braces because an ill-fitting one can snag on the appliance. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to discuss your need for a sports mouthguard for either you or your child. It’s a good investment in their sports career.
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