Clear Aligners

Straight Talk About Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer a subtle way to get straight teeth but they aren’t for everyone. There’s a lot to know about this type of orthodontic treatment before you get them. However, millions are using clear aligners as part of their treatment and are finding them beneficial.


Clear Aligners

Both clear aligners and braces can result in straight teeth and resolve some chewing or biting issues. Clear aligners can't resolve certain issues that braces can fix. Clear aligners are limited on tooth position in both rotation and tilt. They can only close gaps between teeth that are up to 6mm of space and braces are better at raising and lowering the position of the teeth in the jawbone to make them the same height.


Clear aligners can improve how the front teeth look according to their midline, which is the middle of the face that shows symmetry on both sides. Braces will be needed if there is a large midline discrepancy.

Not an Easy Fix

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A myth about clear aligners is that they are an easier orthodontic fix than braces. Clear aligners have advantages. No one notices them and you can look natural in pictures. It's easier to keep them and your mouth clean over braces. You don't have wires and elastic bands to bother you.

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They aren't an easy fix. Wearing clear aligners requires a commitment to use them every day and the treatment time could be up to two years. They must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day and can affect your speech at first until you are used to them. They must be cleaned nightly. You will still need a retainer after your orthodontic treatment is over.

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Those who want to discuss whether clear aligners are an option to straighten their teeth should make an appointment with our orthodontist today! We can explain all your options and help you or your child get a beautiful smile!

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