General Dentistry

General Dentistry Is For Entire Family

General dentistry is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of oral health care services. Those with a general dentistry license can see patients of all ages and perform various procedures, even surgeries.
General dentists can be specialists with additional knowledge in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. However, specialists don’t always do general dentistry. Some choose to specialize while others prefer to treat the entire family’s dental needs. Our practice chose to offer general dentistry so that we could meet the needs of the entire family.

Treating Young Children

It is a good idea to introduce children to the general dentist for their first exam. That way your child can build trust with the dentist over the years that will carry into better oral health care later.
It’s recommended to bring in your child for their first dental exam when they are a year old or six months after the first tooth comes in. This helps get an early start on any problems that can happen. A dentist can be a great advisor when it comes to things like easing teething pain or keeping up oral hygiene for your child.

Treating Youth and Young Adults

Youth and young adults can have a myriad of oral issues from cavities to orthodontic problems. Each person is different and we strive to work with each to meet their individual needs and explain things to them to get them involved in maintaining good oral care.
Youth and young adults may need sports mouthguards for contact sports. They can also end up with a mouth injury from any number of activities they are involved in. That’s why we can help provide a customized mouthguard and emergency dentistry as part of our general dentistry practice. We also can pull wisdom teeth as they come in and provide cosmetic services like teeth whitening.

Treating Adults

Adults have different oral care problems depending on their health, their diet, and lifestyle. Our staff works to help encourage and educate adults to take the best possible care of their teeth and gums.
Our cosmetic services can help enhance a smile and options like Invisalign can straighten teeth for adults who always wanted a better smile. We have deep tooth cleaning and periodontal exams to help gums stay healthy.
Older adults can come to see us as their teeth may get weaker or break more easily. General dentistry includes many options to help older adults keep their teeth functioning. These include veneers, bridges, crowns, and dentures.
Those who need dental care, whether it’s a regular exam or to manage a chronic dental issue, should make an appointment to see one of our dentists now.
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