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Dentures Can Improve Your Life

People don’t like to think about dentures. For some, it’s shameful because it means they’ve lost teeth. Others remember their grandparents having them and the thought of dentures makes them feel old.
Dentures are a practical way for many to regain chewing function and have a full set of teeth that look natural. We believe we can give you dentures that are more comfortable and fit more securely than those in the past.

Types of Dentures

Most people understand what a complete denture is where the false teeth replace an entire row of teeth. However, dentures come in more options than full dentures. There are partial dentures which are hooked with special clasps, immediate dentures is a devices you can wear after a tooth extraction and implant options.

Implant-retained dentures are where dentures attach to dental implants rather than using your jawbone ridge of gums for support. implant-supported dentures, also called permanent dentures, stay in your mouth and are only removed by the dentist. They are the closest dentures to permanent teeth because they are not removable.

Dentures Are Customized

Dentures are made to fit better than ever before. It starts with your dentist taking dental impressions and sending the impressions to make a dental model. The denture is then customized using materials like resin or acrylic and then finished by adding artificial teeth. Finally, the technician polishes the denture to look natural.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Once your dentures arrive at your dentist’s office, the dentist will place them in your mouth to see how they fit. A dentist will look for any places where the denture is pressing into the gums and make adjustments.

Taking Care of Dentures

Dentures will need to be cleaned daily, no matter what kind you get. Each type has a specific way to keep them clean and your dentist will give you instructions on how to do that. Getting dentures doesn’t have to be a negative experience. We can help you make the transition and show you how beneficial they can be.

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