IV Sedation Dentistry

Use of IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry is an option for patients so upset at the thought of being in a dental chair that typical sedation methods aren’t enough. It is the most extreme form of sedation therapy a dentist can use in the office.
While the results of IV sedation resemble general anesthesia, the two are different. General anesthesia is done in a hospital because of the dosage and deepness of sleep. IV sedation can be done in a dental office.

What Happens in IV Sedation

IV sedation is administered intravenously, or through a tube with a needle put into a vein. This makes things more complicated than other sedation methods so staff must monitor vitals like oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate during the procedure.

Staff can also adjust the dosage during the procedure to make you more or less awake. They also have medications that can reverse sedation sleep if they need to bring you out of it quickly.

Who Needs IV Sedation?

Most people don’t need such an extreme form of sedation therapy. Those who require it are typically those with a high level of anxiety or who can’t comprehend the procedure enough to remain still. That would include some children and those with special needs. It may be used for longer procedures to ensure the patient remains still.

Things to Know

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The patient will be asleep with IV sedation, as compared to twilight sleep with other types of sedation. You will need someone to bring you to the office and drive you home as you will be groggy afterward.

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It's important not to eat or drink anything for a half hour after getting a dental fluoride treatment. You want your teeth to fully absorb it. Additional recommendations are to restrict your diet to soft foods for four hours after treatment. Also, you shouldn't brush or floss for at least four hours.

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Do you have a family member who needs IV sedation during dental visits? We can answer all your questions about this method and see if they are eligible to use it. Book an appointment now.

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