Bone Grafting

What to Know About Bone Grafting

Dental procedures sometimes include bone grafting. The reason is a straightforward one. There are times when oral disease is so significant that the patient needs more bone to do other types of dental procedures like implants.
Bone grafting can be done in a dental office under local anesthesia along with other procedures like a tooth extraction. The grafting material may be put in after the tooth is pulled while the gum socket remains open. Bone grafting has become more common in recent years as dental procedures have advanced.

The Purpose of a Bone Graft

Some patients suffering from oral issues have less bone density than desired for other procedures. A dental bone graft creates a thicker structure so that a dentist can put in an implant or perform other work. Some typical reasons for a bone graft may be to rebuild the jaw to get dentures or to rebuild bone loss after periodontal disease.

The grafting material can be one of our materials. It can come from the patient's body, from a human tissue bank, an animal tissue bank, or be produced synthetically. The material looks like little white grains of sand. It takes only a little to do the graft.

The graft spurs bone regeneration. It fills a space for your bone tissue to repair itself. Some oral surgeons may jumpstart this process by also giving the patient blood plasma, which can be taken from them well before the procedure.

The Procedure

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Bone grafts can be done with a local anesthetic. The oral surgeon will make a small gum incision and move the tissue back until they see the jawbone. They will clean and disinfect the area and then add the bone graft before replacing the gum tissue and stitching the area.

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Some pain will occur after the local anesthetic wears off but it will disappear after a few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers or a prescription from your oral surgeon will manage that. They will likely give you antibiotics to prevent an infection. You should take all of them as prescribed.

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Those who have issues that could result in bone loss should contact us for an exam. We can do a digital X-ray and advise you on treatment plans and whether you need a bone graft. Book a consultation today!

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