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We Provide Complete Dental Services in Cambridge

Our team works to provide patients with all the dental services they need to smile! Our office offers specialty practices as well as general dentistry and it’s all done in a comfortable, familiar setting. Our goal goes beyond promoting great oral care and great relationships with a local Cambridge dentist as well.

Experience the Difference

A Comfortable

Dental care doesn't have to bring on anxiety. We created our office with the comfort of you and your family in mind. Our team works to make all dental care affordable and accessible to you and every one of your family members.

Making Preventive
Care Affordable

The most affordable way to keep your mouth healthy is with regular preventive care. That's why we work with insurance and provide other options so there are no worries about paying for regular dental visits. Our transparent pricing ensures you won't get any surprises.


It's hard to take time off from work or school to go to the dentist. That's why we made keeping appointments simple and easy with flexible scheduling that considers your time. Ask about early, evening, and weekend times to see how easy we make it to go to the dentist!

Hespeler Dental Care Provides the Latest in Dental Care

Dental care is always evolving with new techniques and approaches that make it more comfortable, and accurate, and promote faster healing. Our staff stays up-to-date on all these approaches with licensed and certified education so your family will always get the best in oral health care.
Get a Brighter Smile for $0! 

30 minute Dental Cleaning & Polish,
Dental Check-Up and X-Ray

Say goodbye to plaque and tartar without spending a dime. Our expert dental team is ready to make your smile shine.