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Sedation Dentistry Reduces Anxiety

Sedation dentistry allows those typically anxious about exams and procedures to feel at ease in a dental chair. It also helps those who have a long procedure where they find it hard to sit still.
All dental offices don’t have sedation dentistry as the dentist must earn certification to use it. Our office offers it and found that it helps many patients get through a dental procedure.

Types of Sedation

Three types of sedation are used in dentistry.
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Nitrous oxide or laughing gas

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Oral medication

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IV sedation

With each of these, you will remain awake to answer questions but feel free. We call the state people are in during sedation “twilight sleep.” It makes them comfortable but not go to sleep. It also gives patients short-term amnesia where they don’t remember much about the procedure. They never lose consciousness but are insensitive to pain.

Dental Patients
Who Need Sedation

Many people require sedation for reasons beyond dental anxiety. Some special needs patients need it to remain still and those with a sensitive gag reflex do well under sedation.
People who have a fear of needs or claustrophobia should have sedation therapy as well as those with a high amount of teeth sensitivity.

What Form Is the Best?

The type of sedation used depends on your health and your dentist’s recommendation as well as your preference. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask or nosepiece and the oral sedation is either in a pill or syrup. Children are usually given the syrup.
IV sedation is the heaviest form of sedation used in dental practices as it is injected with an IV. Those using IV sedation will need to be monitored for blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate. Staff may adjust the dosage during the procedure and can even reverse medications to bring you out of it.
Those using IV sedation will fall asleep and have no memory of the procedure. However, it is different from general anesthesia. General anesthesia is typically used only in hospitals but can be used by a dentist when treating those with severe dental anxiety.
Worried about your dental visit? Ask about sedation therapy. Schedule a consult today to see if it’s right for you during your exams and procedures.
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