Understanding Gum Disease

Periodontics is a dental specialty focused on gum disease and tooth removal. They are highly trained in dealing with issues resulting from bone disease as well as restorative therapies.
Almost 50 percent of American adults over the age of 29 have gum disease, according to a recent study. Periodontists work for these people to save their teeth.

Periodontist vs. General Dentist

A general dentist can perform many procedures a periodontist is trained to do. The difference is a periodontist has more training and experience when it comes to things like tooth extraction and soft tissue grafting. There are three key procedures you need a periodontist to do:

Tooth extraction

Bone grafting

Tissue sculpting or grafting

Oral Issues

One of the common reasons people need a periodontist is because they have an abscess. This is pus that turns into a bump on your gums. This shows a progressive infection that could result in tooth loss.
Periodontists also work to repair bone loss to try to save teeth and can do bone grafts that are needed for implants.
Do you have early warning signs of gingivitis or gum disease? Schedule an appointment to see what a trained periodontist can do to get you to better oral health.

Restoration Services

Those who have significant tooth decay or who have lost teeth would love our restoration services. This group of services restores both tooth loss and function with implants, bonding, veneers, bridges, or dentures. There is more than one solution to get your smile back!

No matter where you are in your oral health care, book an appointment today and let our dental services help you make your smile the best it can be!

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