Oral Surgery

Getting the Best Oral Surgery

Oral surgery isn’t as ominous as the name implies. In dentistry, oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure done in your mouth. That includes simple things like extractions as well as jaw surgeries.
Oral surgery is done in a dental office rather than a hospital. However, any procedure that involves an incision takes priority as far as safety precautions and care are concerned.

Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons are specialists who have dentistry education but also have an additional four years of education and training. A general dentist can perform some oral surgical procedures like tooth extractions but those who do these types of surgeries are either certified oral surgeons or a periodontist.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is reserved for more severe cases involving issues like impacted wisdom teeth, badly broken teeth, or major tooth decay. Other reasons to have oral surgery include:
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Gum disease

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Jaw disorders or bone loss in the jaw

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Sleep apnea

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Oral cancer or noncancerous lumps

Many oral surgeries require only a local anesthetic rather than heavier sedation methods. It depends on the complexity of the surgery and the anxiety level of the patient. We have sedation therapy for those who have trouble sitting in a dental chair during procedures.
An oral surgeon also requires patients to be in good health to perform the procedure. A dental assistant will take their blood pressure before the procedure. Those with medical issues will need clearance from their primary care physician or specialist to undergo oral surgery.
An oral surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic for the patient to take before and after the surgery to prevent infection. Stitches may be either dissolvable or patients may need to have a follow-up visit to have them removed and a wound check.
Those who have been dealing with serious oral health care issues should call for a consultation. Our dentist and staff can create a treatment plan and talk to you more about oral surgery and whether that is something you need. Book a consultation today!
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