Endodontist in Cambridge, ON

Endodontists Relieve Pain

Endodontics is not a term everyone is familiar with but it’s an important part of oral health care. Endodontics is a specialty involving working on problems found inside the tooth. Problems like infections, decay, injuries, damage, and abscesses all fall within an endodontist’s specialty.
Endodontist in Cambridge, ON

Seeing an Endodontist

The primary reason a person calls an endodontist is because they are experiencing tooth pain. An endodontist will diagnose and treat the pain and try to save the tooth. They have been known to save teeth that are badly damaged or decayed.

Endodontic Procedures

An endodontist is an expert in dental surgery.

That can involve emergency dental surgery to treat a severe tooth infection or a mouth injury. The most common procedure for an endodontist is a root canal where the surgeon removes infected pulp from the tooth root.

Other procedures include a retreatment to help address problems from a previous root canal, tooth extraction, and apicoectomy which is the removal of a tooth root. They can also place a dental implant.



There is a shade of difference between a dentist and an endodontist. All endodontists are also dentists, as they first started training in general dentistry before going into the specialty.


All dentists are not endodontists, although many do some of the same procedures like tooth extractions and root canals. Endodontists take on a minimum of two more years of specialized dental training after completing dental school.

Expectations of an Exam

An endodontist does things a little differently than a general dentist because the patient arrives with tooth pain. Like a general dentist, an endodontist will perform digital X-rays. However, they also test a tooth’s sensitivity with hot or cold swabs and by tapping on several teeth
An endodontist is highly valued because they are a specialist that can relieve pain. We take that seriously as we know a painful tooth can disrupt your life and make you miserable. We have endodontists who can help. Book an appointment today if you are experiencing tooth pain.
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