Patient Education

A Healthy Mouth Starts Young

One of the advantages of having one dentist for your entire family is that you can start educating children young about proper oral care. That will protect their teeth and gums in the future.
We recommend bringing in your child for a quick exam once they start getting their baby teeth. Teething can be painful and frustrating for parents. We’ll do a quick exam and our staff will give you a primer on how to get through the teething process. Our staff will also show you how to keep your baby’s teeth clean until they are old enough to brush and floss for themselves.

Learn About Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments come with many choices now and each has advantages and disadvantages. The option you pick involves lifestyle changes too so it pays to have a question-answer session with your orthodontist.

We can also answer questions about maintaining hygiene with dental appliances and how you or your child can maintain a straight smile for life.

We Talk About Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontitis, affects 47.2% of adults who are 30 years old or older and more than 70% of those over 65 years old, according to U.S. statistics. That is a number that we aren’t willing to live with.

We like to educate people about gum disease as well as treat it so you can keep your smile forever. Many may be embarrassed to talk about it but gum disease can be serious. You can talk to our dentist freely about this problem without judgment and get the treatment and education you need to keep your mouth healthy.

Restoring Your Smile

We do much to educate people about all the different restoration treatments available to replace missing or decayed teeth, fix broken or cracked teeth, and straighten crooked teeth. You are not too young or too old to have a great smile! Our dentist can examine you and set up a treatment plan, talk to you about all your options, and work with you to ensure you have a healthy, functional smile!
Get a Brighter Smile for $0! 

30 minute Dental Cleaning & Polish,
Dental Check-Up and X-Ray

Say goodbye to plaque and tartar without spending a dime. Our expert dental team is ready to make your smile shine.