Pediatric Dentistry Cambridge, ON

Starting Early With Oral Care

Some parents think that getting a child to a dentist isn’t something to be concerned with until they are older and have a dental problem like a cavity. That isn’t true. Dentistry is as much about preventing problems as it is about resolving them. Pediatric dentistry can offer many benefits that help your child keep their teeth for life.
Pediatric dentistry is a specialty of dentists where they examine, do digital X-rays, and offer education to children and parents. They can do things like fill cavities but the motivation is to address any problems early on so they don’t become major issues. Pediatric dentists also can handle dental injuries should a child get injured in an accident or while playing sports.
Pediatric Dentistry Cambridge, ON

When to Start

Dentists like for parents to bring in their children when their baby teeth start erupting. This exam is simply to ensure that teeth are breaking through the gums without any problems. Establishing a pediatric dentist relationship early on will help if there is an emergency where your child has a toothache or a mouth injury later.
This part of the exam will use either a laser light or toluidine blue dye to review unusual tissue areas. The laser light reflects differently on abnormal issues and the dye turns blue if there is irregular tissue.
Pediatric Dentistry When to Start

Pediatric Dentistry Relationships

Taking your child to the dentist early in life starts a relationship that ensures the child that a dentist isn’t to be feared. That can be a positive for their entire life as they will likely keep up with routine dental exams and cleanings without hesitation.
Pediatric dentists specialize not just in working on children’s mouths but working with children. The waiting room is comfortable and fun and the dental chair has distractions for them. Dentists and staff know how to talk to them and make them feel at ease. It’s all a part of compassionate care.
We love all our patients but pay special attention to children because we want them to always feel safe and comfortable while they are at the dentist. They will pay more attention to oral health care if they trust us. If your child hasn’t had a dental exam yet or you are looking for a great pediatric dentist, schedule an appointment with us!
Pediatric Dentistry Cambridge, Ontario
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