All You Need to Know About Sealants

One tool a dentist has in their oral health care kit is sealants. Sealants are sometimes used in a dental treatment plan to protect teeth against decay. They are thin coatings placed on the teeth.
Using sealants is one of the most common dentistry procedures for preventing cavities. Statistics show that around 42% of children from 6 to 11 years old and 48 percent of youth from 12 to 19 years old have sealants.

Sealants Defined

Dental sealants are manufactured to be medical-grade, meaning they are safe. They are made from resins, which is the basic component of plastic but can also be plant-based. They can also be made from glass ionomers, which is a glass powder mixed with a water-soluble acid. A sealant can’t be put onto your teeth as part of an exam or without you knowing. They are usually painted on with a brush on your back teeth where you chew the most. After being applied, the dentist has to harden the sealant. An ultraviolet light is used for this.
The back teeth are particularly vulnerable to bacteria because they have deep grooves that grind food. These can also be good traps for debris that leads to cavities. Sealants prevent bacteria from eating through the enamel.

Who Needs Sealants

Dentists recommend sealants to those who are most likely to have tooth decay. These are usually children and teenagers but can also include adults who don’t have fillings on their back teeth.

Getting Sealants

The process of getting sealants is simple. Your teeth will be cleaned and dried. The dentist will use some acid etching solution to rough up your back teeth so the sealant will bond. Then, they will rinse and dry your teeth and paint the sealant onto the enamel. The curing light is the final step. Those who would like to discuss this preventive treatment should make an appointment to talk to our dentist today!
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