Home Care Instructions

Dental After-Care Is Important

Getting a dental cleaning or procedure is a good thing because it means you are addressing your oral health care needs. However, it’s important to know that what happens in the dental office isn’t a cure-all for dental issues and shouldn’t replace the type of care you give your teeth and gums at home. 
Dentists will always give you home care instructions, whether you’ve come in for a cleaning, a tooth extraction, or a root canal. It’s important to pay attention and follow home care instructions to alleviate pain, tooth sensitivity, or further problems.

Standard Dental Instructions

Dental patients at routine dental appointments may hear some of the standard dental instructions after an exam, cleaning, or whitening. Those can include points like when you can eat or drink normally again after a cleaning or whitening process or the types of foods you should avoid. Those typically include acidic, sticky, or sugary foods. 

Those who are getting a wisdom tooth pulled or another type of extraction done will get specific instructions on how to provide aftercare. Those will include when to remove the gauze, the type of pain relief that works best, and behaviors to avoid like sucking on a straw until stitches come out. 

Orthodontic Instructions

Those seeking orthodontic care will be given many instructions relating to their treatment plan and the type of appliance they choose to use. Each one, from braces to clear aligners like Invisalign, has specific instructions for keeping them clean and what to do if they are damaged. 

These are important facts to know because they can help keep you safe from diseases and injury. 

Special Instructions

Oral surgery is common now and safer than ever. However, each type of surgery will come with a set of instructions from your surgeon to follow at home. Surgery can involve anesthesia and that also comes with instructions on how to come out of it safely at home. 

Your oral surgeon may also prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers for you to take. Some of these can be powerful so it's important to take them as prescribed to prevent pain or infection. 

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