Digital X-rays

How Dental X-rays Changed

Dental X-rays are done differently now and that is better for the patient. Decades ago, you would put X-ray film encased in cardboard in your mouth while dental assistants took X-rays. Sometimes, you would need to hold the cardboard in place for a couple of minutes. Occasionally, it would cut your tongue or gum. There were times when the X-rays had to be redone.
Then, you would need to wait for 20 to 30 minutes in the dental chair until the film was developed and the dentist looked at them.
Digital X-rays changed all of that. Now, it’s a smooth plastic device that goes in your mouth and X-rays are done much quicker. They are sent to the computer and the dentist can have the images almost immediately. That means less time waiting.

Better Imaging Means Better Oral Health

One of the many advantages of dental X-rays is they have much clearer and more detailed images compared to the old method. That means dentists can now offer earlier detection of things like cavities and root canal infections.
Earlier detection means earlier intervention and that translates to less pain, less cost, and an easier recovery.

Digital X-rays Are Safer

Digital X-rays offer a safer way to examine your teeth and gums. They offer reduced radiation over traditional X-rays. Traditional X-rays have always been deemed safe but the digital version is even safer because it has a lower amount of radiation.

When Is a Digital X-ray Necessary?

Typically, we will do a digital X-ray for all new patients during their first exam. It’s recommended to do an X-ray once a year for regular patients.
We will also perform an X-ray during emergency dental visits to diagnose infection or the extent of an injury.
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